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Christo Lube Rebreather & Nitrox MCG111 - 4 oz.


Christo Lube MCG129 Nitrox - 2 oz.

Christo Lube Rebreather & Nitrox MCG111 - 16 oz.

It's a simple fact that lubricants are the most vulnerable and easily ignited component in any high pressure system. The simple solution is choosing the right lubricant. More professionals use Christo-Lube lubricants, which were designed specifically for open and closed circuit diving systems. Christo-Lube lubricants are chemically as well as biologically inert, non-toxic, non-flammable and have no fire or flash point which results in them being the safest lubricants for use in oxygenated environments. Typical applications for Christo-Lube in the SCUBA industry include... Static and dynamic seals, Swivels, Underwater photography equipment, Valve stems, Adjusting screws, Bearings, Threads, Fittings, Hyperbaric Chambers, and Quick disconnects.
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