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Deluxe 6 Foot Cordura Signal Tube

Deluxe 6-Foot Cordura Signal Tube


4 ft. Ball Float (2 Piece)

Duo Alert - Underwater & Above Horn

Duo Alert - Underwater & Above
The loud 125-125dB resonating frequency generated by this horn can be heard on the surface for approximately 1 Kilometer (about 6/10th mile) and for about 300 feet underwater. 3 models available to fit most BCDs.

Duo-Alert Standard... SP0285 Fits all styles of BCs except if fitted with the a breathable type inflator.

Duo-Alert (Type II)... SP0286 Fits Sherwood Gemini, Tusa Duo-Air, DiveRite RiteSource, H2Odyssea Inflator plus, Zeagle Octo-Z, Atomic SS1, Scuba Pro Air II.

Duo-Alert (Type III)... SP0287 Fits Aeris Air Link, Oceanic Air XS2, Zeagle Octo+, Aqualung Air Mic, Seaquest Air Source, Apeks Octo+, Beuchat Venturi.

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